Favourite Apps/Sites

Apps –

Pregnancy +

I found Pregnancy + had everything I needed to know. It updated me as the baby grew, had a ton of pictures of what it would look like in a 2D scan, 3D scan and a cute picture of the baby’s face/body at that age. It had plenty of detail about symptoms I might be feeling around that time and Luke could download it too and it would talk to him as a Dad and gave tips as being the partner and what their Baby Mama is going through.

Ovia Pregnancy

This one I just liked because instead of the classic ‘What fruit is my baby the same size as’ it gave funnier alternatives like ukulele or baseball glove. The full chart is on Pinterest but this app was fun to check every week.

Baby Pics & Tiny Memories

Two both similar but equally as good apps to add text to your images that are baby related and have themes like Baby’s First Christmas/Halloween/Easter etc etc.

Baby Centre

Generally good app for Baby information

Websites –

62 Sleeping Baby Tricks

I had this list saved to my Bookmarks since I was in the first trimester. Having read it once or twice I think that it just stuck in my brain and I have instinctively tried all or most of them and Oscar is an awesome sleeper


30 Things to do before you have a baby

This made me laugh, I think it’s a little bit drastic for a newborn as they just sleep (she says) but I think it will definitely resonate when Oscar is a toddler!



Pinterest is really really great for baby articles, ideas, baby names, tips, hacks, facts – everything.


@tammyhembrow on instagram

Emily Norris on YouTube

@hannahpolites on instagram

Samantha Maria on YouTube


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